ICSP Friday Update – Sheikh Fahad Tasleem visits Lubbock next week

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  • There will be a picnic tomorrow for the students and their parents at 01:00 PM.
  • Don’t forget about Sheikh Fahad Tasleem’s visit next week to Lubbock and his talks.
  • Inshaa’Allah, on Friday, October 25th, Sheikh Fahad Tasleem from iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy, https://iera.org) will visit Lubbock and give a lecture titled, “Why does God allow suffering.” This will be in a form of a debate between Sheikh Fahad Tasleem and Pastor Jake Maxwell, from the Second Baptist Church. This event will be held at 06:30 PM in the Matador Room in the second floor of Texas Tech University-Student Union Building (SUB), located at 15th St & Akron Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79409.
  • On Saturday, October 26th, inshaa’Allah Sheikh Fahad Tasleem will give another talk titled, “The divine reality: Islam’s response to the atheist worldview,” which will be held in the ICSP at 01:00 PM. This is a very important talk to attend especially for teenagers and youths who have questions about atheism and how to discuss it with others.
  • Finally, Fajr is now at 07:05 AM and Isha at 08:20 PM.