ICSP Friday Update - Sunday school and activities

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  • We would like to welcome you back to Islamic Sunday school. It was resumed on Sunday, January 12. Tuition for spring semester will be paid on the first day of the school. No need to fill up the registration form.
  • Please ensure your kids to bring their books. Turn in the Quran recitation tracker or you can send it to me via email. Incentives will be provided to students who completed it.
  • We have ​K​haterah every Friday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday after Isha prayer. 
  • We now have our prayer times, updates ​​and announcements posted in the entrance hallway. May Allah reward brother Mazen Sabouni who made this a reality. We are working to expand this to include women section and student masjid Insha’Allah.
  • On Friday 1/17 right after Isha, University Islamic Financial will be giving a 90-minute session covering a few subjects. See attached pamphlet. We encourage you to attend.
  • On Friday 1/24 right after Isha, we will be hosting Amoud Foundation for a fundraiser to benefit the children of Somalia. “Inspirational Quran Night”. See attached pamphlet. We encourage you to attend.
  • On Saturday 1/25 from 11 am to 3 pm, brother Muhammad Algarhy will be giving a workshop on Entrepreneurial Mindset. See attached pamphlet. We encourage those who are interested to attend.
  • For a full list of activities, see attached January calendar. 
  • Please consider linking your Amazon account with our masjid to allow Amazon to donate part of their profit to us. See attached instructions.
  • Fajr at 6:55 am and Isha at 8 pm.