ICSP Friday Update - cont. lecture series

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Assalamu Alikom,

1- Insha’Allah Isha at 8:25 and Fajr at 7:00.

2- Tafseer Halaka will follow Fajr every Saturday Insha’Allah.

3- Shaikh Samer will partner with other imam to present a series on parenting in Islam. For more information, please see pamphlet and link below.

4- The rate of COVID19 infection rate in the region had increased greatly in the past 2 weeks. Please know that we plan to close both our facilities if the government orders a shutdown. Until then we plan to stick with the existing activities with great emphasis on compliance with the social distancing guidelines. To help us stay open the longest possible time, please follow the guidance attached below.

Would you like to be a better Muslim parent for your children?

These 3 series lectures for you!

When : Friday, 7:30pm
Where : Zoom