ICSP Friday Update - Ramadan next week

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Insha’Allah, Ramadan will start on Tuesday 4/13 and first taraweeh will be on Monday 4/12. Please prepare to reap the countless blessings of this month. Taraweeh and Fajr will take place in the community hall. Time for each will change through the course of the month. See attached schedule for more details. Please contact us if you want to jin the WhatsApp group. Please bring your own prayer rug and stand at the marked spot. We encourage individuals of the same household to pray next to each other. If more than 2 are praying next to each other, see attached drawing for more details. May Allah bless you and your families. We recommend that children younger than 7 years of age stay at home unless certain to engage in prayer and not be a distraction for others.  

This will be the last weekend to donate for clothing drive for the refugees. We are collecting new or gently used clothing, shoes, blankets, coats, etc. We ask that the items are clean with no stains, holes, or tears. Also, please no underwear. Shoes should be tied with a rubber band if possible. Please leave the items within or in front of the community hall, not the masjid.

Ramadan is the month of Qur’an. Shaikh Samer will lead our weekly Qur’an studies virtual halakah will be every Thursday from 7 to 7:40 pm during Ramadan. We strongly encourage you to join. Please join ICSP Imam Corner on WhatsApp to get Zoom link.

A group of our youth will do virtual Qur’an recitation and tafseer together every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 7 pm. Please join ICSP Imam Corner on WhatsApp to get Zoom link.

Insha’Allah, we will resume sponsored student masjid iftar this year. There will NOT be a gathering like before. Rather, BOXED iftar will be available for pickup at student masjid shortly before Maghrib. A sponsorship signup sheet will be posted at main masjid. We still have a few days that needs to be sponsored. The signup sheet will have catering options that you can hire. You should plan to feed 65 students. This may change. Will have a more accurate estimate in the first few days of Ramadan. Sponsors are responsible to arrange and pay for catering. ICSP has no role beyond posting the signup sheet. Jazakum Allahu Khayran

Insha’Allah, tomorrow at 7 pm, MSA will sponsor movie night at community hall. The movie is about one of the great Sahabah, Bilal (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLvN3PiL5yM). This will be an opportunity for our children to start returning to masjid. Snacks will be provided. See attached pamphlet for more information.

If you missed the workshop we hosted last weekend with the nationally renowned Islamic finance expert, brother Joe Bradford. You can find the recorded sessions about wasiah and halal investment options on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lubbockmuslims).