ICSP Friday Update - Laylatul Qadr celebration and Eid details

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Insha’Allah we plan to celebrate Laylatul Qadr (Night of Decree/Power) today, Saturday 5/8. We will start with Isha followed by 20 reka of taraweeh. After that we plan to spend the whole night making iktiaf, praying and reading Quran. All are encouraged to spend the most time they can with us. Please bring along a mat or pad to spread under your prayer rug to allow you to be more comfortable staying longer. For your convenience, the bathroom and wudu facilities will be made available this night but please minimize crowding and wetting the floor.

In addition, we will have our annual fundraising. This will not be a long fundraising. We could not do this last year due to COVID.

If you are ill or have been exposed to COVID, please refrain from attending prayers at masjid until cleared by your physician.

We will have night prayer 30 min before Fajr every night until the end of Ramadan.

Zakatul fitr is obligatory on every Muslim, including infants. The recommended amount is $15 per person. This should be paid before Eid prayer. You can pay it anytime now and we have designated boxes that have been placed at the masjid and community hall.

Eid prayer will be at 8 am on Thu 5/13. Takbeer starts at 7:30 am. There will be an online registration link that will be posted early next week. Please make every attempt to register. This will allow us to be better prepared to have a safe Eid prayer. Make sure to arrive, allow time to park and find a seat before 8 am. The community hall will be used by men and the masjid will be designated for women. During Eid prayer we will have continuous lines in zone A of the community hall and social distancing in zone B of the community hall. We will also have shoe racks outside the community hall. If we cannot fit all men inside the community hall we will spread out to the lawn and the concrete behind the community hall. Please see picture below.

We will have coffee and doughnuts after Eid prayer but please use good hand hygiene and keep mask on whenever feasible.

Details about additional Eid activities will be disseminated as soon as we have them Insha’Allah.