ICSP Friday Update - Eid details

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Assalamu Alikom,

Insha’Allah, Eid prayer will be at 8 am on Thursday 5/13. Takbeer starts at 7:30 am. Make sure to arrive, allow time to park and find a seat before 8 am.

Below is the online Eid registration portal. Our only intention from it is to estimate the number of Eid prayer attendees and their preference on social distancing. Please register your family and forward the link to your friends. https://forms.gle/8cuf5i7dTcR8bqtG6

Zakatul fitr is obligatory on every Muslim, including infants. The recommended amount is $15 per person. This should be paid before Eid prayer. You can pay it anytime now and we have designated collection boxes at the masjid and community hall.

During Eid prayer, the community hall will be used by men and the masjid will be designated for women. We will have continuous lines in zone A of the community hall and social distancing in zone B of the community hall.

Please take your shoes off upon entry and utilize the shoe racks.

If we cannot fit all men inside the community hall we will spread out to the lawn and the concrete surrounding the community hall.

We will have coffee and doughnuts after Eid prayer but please use good hand hygiene and keep mask on whenever feasible.

Safety Rules:
1 All entrance doors will be left open to avoid any physical contact
2 All attendees are required to wear face mask
3 Please bring your own prayer rug
4 Please follow social distancing/proximity guidelines as in the attached picture
5 If you, or anyone in your home is sick, please pray at home

Details about additional Eid activities will be disseminated as soon as we have them Insha’Allah.

Eid mubarak!