ICSP Friday Update - events for this week

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Please keep brother Masoud Akram, who died recently, in your duaa. Please keep his family in your duaa too. Please make duaa for all the sick and the suffering.

A multi denomination prayer room has been assigned on the 5th floor at Lubbock Diagnostic Clinic located at main campus at Covenant. This is Accessible to all Covenant badge holders. It is located across the hallway from Suite 500. Insha’Allah Muslim prayer rugs will be placed in the cabinets that will be installed soon in the corridor leading to the space. There is a punch code lock to access the room. The code is 8710.

Many businesses and houses of worship have plans in case an active shooter situation on site. The risk of such a situation at our own masjid is real. Accordingly, we have arranged for trained professionals to conduct an onsite seminar for interested individuals in the community. This will take place at the community hall at 7 pm on August 27. There is no need to register and we encourage all to attend. May Allah reward brother Zafar and other community members who helped coordinate this. See attached poster.

Insha’Allah, we plan to host a community table tennis tournament at our community hall during the weekend from Friday August 27 to Sunday August 29. Interested individuals will have to register ASAP at the following link (https://forms.gle/WCsydu2hwCCs3ScQ8). Feel free to scan the attached QR code to lead you directly to the survey. Also feel free to share this with friends and family. There will be age and gender brackets. If you are interested to volunteer as a coordinator, please send an email to [email protected].

Insha’Allah, weekly tafseer halaka will take place after Fajr every Saturday. This will be lead by Shaikh Samer at out main masjid.

Iquama time at main masjid are changing according to the attached calendar.