ICSP Friday Update - Executive council elections

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Insha’Allah, The term of the current executive council (EC) will end by the end of this year. May Allah reward the last EC and help us all do the right thing for our community. The elections for the upcoming EC will go under overarching goal of increasing efficiency and enhancing community engagement. This will mean a major change from former EC structure and the process resulting in its formation.

The Board of Directors of the ICSP has formed a group of five individuals who will be responsible for conducting the next EC elections. This group is composed of Salman Ahmed, Yehia Mechref, Tarek Farooq, Tamim Khater, and Susan Bakdash. Please feel free to reach out to any of the five listed members with questions. The actual voting will take place on Sunday, December 19. Proxy voting will be an option.

This election will be to select 5 members. A president and 4 committee chairs. The committees are maintenance/purchasing, daa’wa/interfaith/outreach, education/school, and youth. The chair of each committee will form the committee by inviting volunteer community members. There is no restrictions on the number of committee members and this is left up to each chair to decide. This will allow more community members to be involved in serving the house of Allah. It will also open the door for members of the board of directors to volunteer for those committees. For example, Brother Yehia Mechref plans to volunteer for the maintenance/purchasing committee. Each committee will operate independently.

Each of the elected members will have a detailed annual budget that they propose to the president and board of directors for approval. The exact budget amount is not predefined. This will be decided once the elected committee chairs meet with the treasurer annually.

To move ahead we are seeking nominations by the community. Self nominations are encouraged. If nominating someone other than yourself, you need to confirm their willingness to accept your nomination. Each individual may be nominated to 2 committees, one primary and one secondary. If elected to more than one position, the elected member will have to accept the position they had more votes for.

The rules and expectations for each position, the eligibility criteria to be nominated or participate in electing the members, and the budget guideline will be posted at main masjid once available Insha’Allah.

Please see the attached prayer schedule.