ICSP Friday Update - Recommendations regarding COVID-19

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Assalamu Alikom,

The Board of ICSP has formed a committee to give recommendations regarding COVID-19 and community gathering:
The committee members are Sheik S Tabba, Dr. I Attaya, Dr. S Ahmad, Dr. A Farooqi, Dr. W Tello, Dr. H Kharrat, the following are the committee recommendations:
1. Keep social distancing (use Zone A for vaccinated, boosted) use zone B for high risk, non vaccinated, keep 6 feet distance at all times
2. Encourage the community members to get vaccinated and receive the booster.
3. Mask mandated for both zone A and B
4. Early detection, quarantining and informing community members if they were in close contact with COVID-19 patient.
5. Masjid to provide multiple hand sanitizer dispensers for the community.
6. Encourage members to keep social distancing (avoid hand shaking, hugging ) and avoid large groups to help limit the risk of virus transmission.
Insha’Allah, Sunday school will resume this weekend. New registration for students is required. We encourage all eligible children to enroll on in Islamic Sunday school. For more information please contact info at lubbockmuslims.org.
Every Friday after Isha there will be tafseer halaka. Every Monday and Wednesday after Isha there will be a short khatirah.
Attached is January prayer schedule.