ICSP Friday Update - Eid Adha Mubarak

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As-salamu alaykum

1. Eid prayer is on Wednesday. Takbeer starts 8:00 am, and the Eid prayer starts 8:30 am.
Coffee and donuts will be served after the prayer. There will also be a snow cone truck.

2. Eid party is on Saturday at 6:30 pm. The dinner is sponsored by some families (may Allah reward them) but you may bring sweet and dessert with you.

3. Games, bouncy house, face painting and other activities will be provided for the children.

4. For those who want to do sacrifice, you may contact Brother Talal at (806) 448-9495

5. We are meeting on Tuesday “the day of Arafat” to make Duaa and dhiker at 6:00 pm at the masjid.

We ask Allah to grant you blessings and mercy, and to make it a happy and blessed Eid for you and your families.