ICSP Friday Update

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Inshaa’ Allah, Islamic Sunday School starts on the morning of September 9th , registration will begin at 10 am in the community hall. School starts at 11 on the same day. We encourage all parents to register their children. The tuition for the first child is $180 and the tuition for any additional child within the family will be $100. If you cannot afford the tuition, please contact school administration and they will work with you to pay or waive the fee. Curriculum includes Quraan, Tafseer (meaning of Quraan), Seerah (life of Mohammed peace be upon him), and Islamic etiquettes.

After Isha on 9/7, we will resume our weekly “Stories of the Prophet Companions (Sahaba)” series. Each session should be 30 minutes.

Tafseer after Fajr every Saturday.

Fajr is at 6:35 and Isha is at 9:20.