ICSP Friday Update

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By the grace of ALLAH and with your help last year, a group of local Muslim volunteer brothers and sisters provided 37 propane heaters with the needed canisters for the homeless shelter at Grace Campus. The campus has a total of 59 rooms. This group is seeking your support again this year. Each heater is expected to cost approximately $75.00 and each Propane Canister $3.00. Please consider donating for this cause. If interested, please reach out to brother Kyle, brother Mohamad Aljarhi and sister Muna.

Also, the same group is hosting dinner for the homeless at Grace Campus on 10/29. Please contact Sister Muna if interested in cooking or serving food.

Inshaa’ Allah, weekly “Stories of the Prophet Companions (Sahaba)”. After Isha every Friday.

Tafseer after Fajr every Saturday.

Islamic Sunday School is in session from 11am-2pm.

Muslim youth session at main masjid on Sunday at 3pm.

Fajr is at 7:10 and Isha is at 8:20.