ICSP Friday Update

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  • We encourage Muslim Americans to practice their civil right and duty of voting for the candidate of their choice. This is important since this candidate will represent us. The more we are engaged in this process, the more likely we are to have our voice heard. Today 11/2 is the last day of early voting and Voting day is 11/6. For more information click here.
  • Inshaa’ Allah, Saturday night 11/3, there will be potluck family night at main masjid at 7 pm.
  • Weekly “Stories of the Prophet Companions (Sahaba)”. After Isha every Friday.
  • Tafseer after Fajr every Saturday.
  • Due to the end of daylight saving, Fajr is at 6:30 and Isha is at 7:45.
  • Jumaa at student masjid will change to 1:10.