ICSP Friday Update - Sponsored Community Iftar & More

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  • Insha’Allah, we will have our first sponsored community iftar at the main masjid. This is sponsored by the Attaya and Islam families. May Allah reward them. There will be iftar at student masjid. Students are encouraged to have their iftar there due to the limited seating accommodations at community hall.  
  • On May 16th, We will have our interfaith iftar. There will be an interfaith speaker from Washington, DC. Due to the limited seating availability at our community hall, Only 50 tickets will be available for sale, $15 each. If interested, please email [email protected] with the number of seats needed. You will receive a response with instructions on payment information. Tickets will be available on first come first served. The program will start with the talk before maghrib at 7:30. This will be followed by maghrib prayer, iftar, and taraweeh.
  • Quran memorization contest started. We will meet on Sunday at main masjid at 6 pm. We hope to see all of you.
  • With the help of Allah, we kicked off our Ramadan fundraising campaign for this year. We aim to raise $350,000. Of them $200,000 will be to close the endowment, the remaining $150,000 will be to complete 6 main capital projects that we expect to be partially or fully completed before next Ramadan. Those are:
    • Fixing and upgrading the AC
    • Roof repair at main masjid
    • Industrial light poles for parking lots on both sides of LaSalle.
    • Replacing the community hall projector and install motorized screen.
    • Bring renowned Muslim speakers for a weekend workshop quarterly.
    • Dig a well to reduce water bill and improve lawn irrigation.
    • Increase classroom capacity and hire help to start the Islamic school project.
  • Alhamdulilah, we raised close to $30,000 during the first of three fundraising events after Friday prayer on the 5th of Ramadan. The event second will follow a khatirah during taraweeh prayer on Saturday, May 18th and the last one will occur on Laylatul Qadr after Isha on Friday, May 31st.
  • Fundraising will be by pledging certain amounts through the pledging board located at main masjid throughout the month of Ramadan. Please see the TV screen above the board or see instructions at the bottom of this post for details on how to contribute. Alternatively, you can fill a pledge form and drop it in the box below the board indicating that you do not want to use the board and we will complete the board process for you.
  • Fajr prayer is at 5:50am and Isha will continue to be at 10:15pm.