ICSP Friday Update - Flu Vaccine, Sunday School Registration, and More!

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  • Inshaa’Allah, we will be providing flu vaccines at the community center. If you have insurance, there is no fee. If you do not have insurance, you will pay $19.98. This is for ages 7 years old or older.
  • Sunday School will start on September 8th at 11am. You can register your children through the website over on this page, and all fee information is on there as well.
  • Additionally, you may also register your children on the first day of Sunday School classes.
  • We also have a visiting scholar coming to Lubbock: Yaser Birjas. He is very well known and will be visiting us in Lubbock on September 13th and 14th. The program information is attached below (image). Please make every effort to attend and mark it on your calendars now that way you can make it. 
  • Finally, if you happen to see some activity across the street in the parking lot, this would be a proven project for the parking lot. Please bare with us while we go through this process. This is your money hard at work. Jazakum Allahu Khayran.
  • Fajr is now at 6:35 am and Isha at 9:30 pm.