ICSP Friday Update - Last 10 days of Ramadan

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Assalamu Alikom,

The last 10 days of Ramadan are upon us. Insha’Allah, starting Monday morning, we will have Tahajud prayer at the community hall at 5:15 AM.

We are working to increase the capacity of community hall during the last days of Ramadan. While strictly adhering to masks, hand hygiene, and bringing on prayer rug; Individuals vaccinated and comfortable resuming pre-Covid lines will have a designated area in the community hall where they can resume pre-Covid arrangements. Another area of the community hall will be designated to individuals wanting to continue social distancing guidelines and individuals who are not vaccinated. A map will be posted

Jumaa has resumed at small (student) masjid. It is at 3:10 pm. Social distancing guidelines, including mask and bringing prayer rug, applied at main masjid should be followed. Roommates may stand next to each other. See attachment.

Virtual Quraan Studies halakah will take place at 7 pm on Zoom every Sunday. Please join “Imam Corner” WhatsApp group for more details.

Virtual Quraan Recitation halakah will take place on Zoom every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Please join “Imam Corner” WhatsApp group for more details.

Eid prayer is at 8 am on Thursday May, 13 at Main Masjid. More information will come this Friday Insha’Allah.

Information about Zakatul fitr amount and other information will be distributed this coming Friday Insha’Allah.

Prayer times are changing according to the calendar attached below.