ICSP Friday Update - Executive council upcoming elections

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Insha’Allah, The term of the current executive council (EC) will end by the end of this year. The list of their accomplishments is long, may Allah reward every single one of them for every effort they have paid to serve the house of Allah. The Board of Directors of the ICSP has formed a group of five individuals who will be responsible for conducting the next EC elections. This group is composed of Salman Ahmed, Yehia Mecheref, Tarek Farooq, Tamim Khater, and Susan Bakdash. During this upcoming week, please feel free to reach out to any of the five listed members with ideas, suggestions, or requests about enhancing the election process. Next Friday, November 12, this committee will share with the community details about the election, nomination, and proxy voting process. Following that we will solicit nominations for EC membership during next term. The actual voting will take place on Sunday, December 19.

Insha’Allah, daylight saving time ended this weekend. Please see the attached prayer schedule.