ICSP Friday Update-Ramadan

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  • Insha’Allah, first day of Ramadan will fall on Monday, May 6th. Taraweeh prayers will start at 10:15 on Sunday, May 5th.
  • Fajr prayer is at 6:10am until Sunday then it will become at 5:55 on Monday.
  • Isha is at 10:00pm until Saturday then it will become at 10:15 on Sunday and will be followed by taraweeh.
  • Ramadan Quran memorization program will take place for children and adults. For more information please review our Ramadan newsletter or click here.
  • Community iftar will take place at main masjid on 5/11, 5/18 and 5/25. All of the iftars have been sponsored. May Allah reward the families that have taken this upon themselves. All muslim families are invited to join.
  • Four more days need to be sponsored for daily iftar at student masjid. Please consider sponsoring one or more of them. Remember that you will get the reward of the 80-100 students that will benefit from your generosity. If you have signed up, it is your responsibility to contact one of the catering services listed on the signup sheet, or arrange for other catering service. Jazakum Allahu khayran.
  • May Allah help us get to Ramadan and help us be the best muslim we can be during this month. May Allah accept from all of you your deeds in this great month.
  • End of Islamic Sunday School will be celebrated on Sunday, May 5. Insha Allah we will have a party. It will take place at Clifford H Andrews located at Memphis Ave 76 at 12 PM. Pizza and drinks will be provided. You are welcome to bring desserts. We will also have games, certificates, and prizes for all students.