ICSP Friday Update - Sahaba Class, Swimming Event, and More!

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  • Inshaa’ Allah, tonight will be our Sahaba class at 10pm.
  • We have reserved Southwest Aquatics Center, at 3909 N. Frankford Ave. The event will be from 6pm to 8pm. This second will be on 7/20 for girls. We can accommodate 30 kids in each event.
  • We welcome anyone to register on a first come first served basis. Each swimmer will pay $5 regardless of age. Children under 10 are required to have a supervising adult with them. Children over 10 can be dropped off and picked up. Parents are welcome to swim but to do that they have to register and pay the fee. For more information or to register, please contact sister Hiba at (240) 425-3708. There are less than 30 spots let for swimming.
  • Starting tomorrow, Fajr is at 5:55 am and Isha at 10:30 pm.